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Characterized by a wide range of spaces, the Taguspark offers several types of work environments, between the 29 m² and 1.300 m², in 5 types of different buildings: the Center Nucleus, the Innovation Buildings, the Technology Buildings, the Science Buildings and the Quality Buildings. As a whole the Taguspark counts with almost 60.000 m² of varied spaces of offices, commercial zones, storages and parking.

In the Central Nucleus and Expansion we count with spaces since 29 m ² that can be joined together to form areas of higher dimensions. The Central Nucleus is the most central Building of the Taguspark and has approximately 9.000 m².

The Innovation Buildings I, II, III and IV, are divided into 8 corps, have wide areas of about 500 m² per space, surpassing even the occupancy of a 1.000 m² per floor and the hypothesis of junction of two spaces. These buildings have a great efficiency regarding the relation between the rough area of construction and the useful area of the spaces.

The Technology Buildings I, II, III and IV, are divided into 8 corps. These buildings have office areas and laboratory zones and/or of storage on the lower floor. These spaces have a great versatility being able to be an excellent option for some companies.

The Science buildings I and II, are more modern buildings, with spaces between the 300 m² and 450 m², being possible to create wider areas with a view to occupations of companies with bigger dimension.

The Buildings Quality, B and C, are most recent buildings of the Taguspark, they are efficient buildings and with wide areas per floor, being possible to make an occupation of about 1.300 m ² in single floor.

Telecommunications Operators at Taguspark

At Taguspark there is a number of telecommunications operators, with which customers can directly contractualize services: Colt, Oni, NOS, MEO, ReferTelecom, Vodafone and AR Telecom.



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