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Oeiras Axle - Taguspark is developing itself as a new centre, attracting companies of advanced technology for the Taguspark, by calling for diverse types of companies to centers of diversified business and developing planned urban achievements in an integrated way. In this zone are several areas of high quality of housing included, a golf course of 18 holes, restaurants, hotels and a great commercial centre.

The concept of Oeiras-Valley recognizes the existence of exceptional conditions of life and work in this whole area. It has centers of knowledge, culture and research. In the center of Taguspark, is located a great pole of the Higher Technical Institute. The Atlantic University is adjacent to the museum of the historical Gunpowder Factory, a place of culture and leisure. A new pole of the Catholic University is bordering the north of Taguspark. Not far away, near the sea, is located one of the greatest research centers in the country, the Associated Laboratory of IGC, IBET and ITQB.

The Taguspark enables the development of projects with an urban model, adjusted to the structure of each organization, according with its specific business culture.

There is total flexibility to find the most suitable economic structure of the project and financial conditions corresponding to the operational necessities - through the lease agreement, with or without purchase option; purchase key in the hand or ground purchase for development of the project itself.



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